Muir Beach & Muir Beach Overlook, CA

If you’re on the West Coast (whether you’re visiting or you live there), I would recommend a day trip of driving along the coast. Now, this particular activity may not be the cheapest, especially if you’re a traveler who would need to rent a car, but there are ways to try and offset the cost of this. And, if you are a local or a traveler who brought their car, this should be a bit easier.

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Sonoma Canopy Tours, Occidental, CA

If you’re in California and you’re amazed by the California redwood trees, then you need to know about Sonoma Canopy Tours. While hiking through the redwoods is an amazing experience, especially getting that picture that makes any human look tiny next to these gigantic trees, a less-known and more exciting way to experience the redwoods is by zip-lining. Why stay down on the ground when you can be up in these magnificent trees, enjoying the view of the entire forest?   Continue reading “Sonoma Canopy Tours, Occidental, CA”

Culver Hotel, Culver City, California

If you’re ever in the Los Angeles/Southern California area, it is worth your time to make a stop in Culver City, a medium-sized town located between Santa Monica and downtown Los Angeles. Full of walkable streets and unique, delicious restaurants, Culver City is easy on the eyes and stomach. However, if you only have time for one stop while you’re in town, I would stop at Culver Hotel.

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