Sicilian Almond Milk

If you’re visiting Sicily, especially during the summer, then you definitely have to try a Sicilian favorite for cooling down during hot times: almond milk.

Now, if you’ve ever had almond milk before (especially if you are an American like me), then you may be expecting something different than the almond milk that Sicily offers. While many almond milks (at least as I’ve seen in the U.S) boast about being sugar free and pretty healthy, the Sicilian version typically has a lot of sugar added into it, but that’s what makes it oh-so-delicious.

There are many different places you can go to try some Sicilian almond milk. While I was in Ortigia, a small island off of the mainland of Sicily, I had almond milk at a restaurant and store called Monzù, which is a brand that makes many different food products. Their products range from fruit conserves, oils, pasta, rice, and, of course, almond milk.

If you are in Ortigia, this is where I would recommend getting your almond milk. Not only was the milk as delicious as the locals had told me it would be, but also the atmosphere of their store is very relaxation-friendly, specifically their outside seating. Especially in the summer, Monzù has patio-type seating, right in the middle of Piazza Minerva. If you’re having trouble picturing just how beautiful this scene is, check out some of my pictures below from when I was there!

Coffee with almond milk monzu ortigia
Coffee with Sicilian almond milk from Monzù, absolutely delicious!
Ortigia Ocean View pic
A view of the sea from the south end of the Island of Ortigia
Ortigia Piazza Minerva
Piazza Minerva; the umbrellas and seating on the right is where Monzù is located.
Almond milk at Monzu in Ortigia
A whole glass of Sicilian almond milk from Monzù.

I have just one word of caution regarding Sicilian almond milk: order it in some other kind of drink first, like coffee, not just on its own. I first had it in my morning coffee and I absolutely loved it. I loved it so much, in fact, that I ordered a whole glass of just almond milk next time I returned (pictured above).

However, as I’ve mentioned, this kind of almond milk is usually very sweet. While it was delicious in my coffee, it was just a tad too sweet to drink on its own. While I enjoyed a few sips of the glass pictured above (and, of course the cuteness of the glass), I was not able to finish the entire thing. If you have a huge sweet tooth, however, this may not be a problem for you. Either way, make sure to not miss out on this delicious local recipe!

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Lastly, check out Monzù’s website to see all the other amazing foods and products they offer.

Let me know if you have any other recommendations of ways to enjoy Sicilian almond milk!


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