Fleur Garden, Rome, Italy

Feeling a little overwhelmed with the hustle and bustle of city life? A nice, not to mention free, way to escape some of the feelings of the city is to visit your local gardener and/or florist. In gardens and nurseries, the atmosphere is almost always peaceful and quiet. The Fleur Garden, in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, is no exception.

While this garden is all about helping their customers know more about their planting/gardening options, along with planting accessories and help with finding exactly what they’re looking for, this nursery could also be used just to peruse, especially if you are a tourist.

However, even if you’re a tourist, that does not mean you can’t buy a plant to serve as a memory of when you were in Rome. The Fleur Garden has many different types of plants, from carnivorous plants, to plants in the cacti family, to bonsai plants. It is actually detailed on their website that they originally opened as the Roman Bonsai Center, so they have extensive knowledge for this area of plants.

If you are leaning more towards the option of just taking a gander, like I did when I was there, then use the pictures below to persuade you even further. The inside of the nursery hosts many beautiful plants that will catch you eye and make you forget that you’re in the middle of a bustling city.

Fleur garden rome pic 1Fleur garden rome pic 22

Go check out this wonderful local business and get a taste of how the locals get their plants and gardening tools. You can check out more pictures and the background of their business at their website.

There is a lot more to see in the Trastevere neighborhood of Rome, so stay tuned for a post about this!

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Do you have travel ideas I may not have thought of? Let me know!


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