Bonci Pizzarium, Rome, Italy

For today’s post, we’re back in Rome. Since I spent a good amount of time in this city when I studied abroad, I have an almost-endless amount of recommendations for fellow travelers. Today’s recommendation is delicious: pizza from Bonci Pizzarium.

Located just steps from the Cipro metro stop, this pizza place is very accessible. It is also located in the Lazio neighborhood of Rome, close to Vatican City. This pizza shop has standing tables only, and that was when I was there during the nice-weather months, so make sure you have a place in mind to take your pizza or be ready to wait for a standing table if it’s during the lunch hour rush. Similarly, if you arrive during a peak meal time, be ready to take a number and wait. However, your wait will be worth it because not only is the food delicious, but the people working behind the counter know what they’re doing. They are quick-moving and efficient, so be ready to spout your order off so you can get your pizza and get out of the way so more people can be served!

On Bonci Pizzarium’s website, the owner, Gabriele Bonci, talks about how long he has been passionate about food and cooking. He has studied and worked in reputable schools and restaurants. He also continues to see cooking as an experiment, something that needs research, focusing on “quality and experience.” Just from this backstory alone, one can tell why this pizzarium has succeeded–he is a dedicated, talented, and hard-working man who wants to feed people delicious food.

Bonci Pizzarium is a small, stand-like restaurant. As mentioned before, there are no seated tables, just standing, which are outside. The restaurant itself opens up from two big sliding doors. As soon as you enter through these doors, you are hit with the great range of pizza flavors and toppings you have to choose from. Among the basic toppings/types of pizzas they offer are margherita and potato, some of the classics that you can find in many places in Italy. Among the more adventurous options are pizzas with Chicory greens (from the flowery chicory plant) and many types of meat, such as full slices of ham.

However, no matter what type of pizza you go for, you will not be disappointed. This is not only because they offer such unique options, but also because, like many Italian and European restaurants, Bonci uses all-natural ingredients, sourced from farms that they work with. So, if you are about supporting farmers as well, this is a place where you can do that, too.

Check out Bonci’s website, which includes the actual recipes for some of his pizzas and the locations of other shops they have open, such as a bakery and a market in Rome.

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**Image credit goes to TripAdvisor


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