Gelaterie Stecco Natura, Sicily, Italy

Today’s post brings us back to the island of Ortigia, off the mainland of Sicily. Southern Italy can be a hot place to be, temperature wise, especially in the summer. What better way to cool off than with some popsicle-like desserts? A medium-sized chain, called Gelaterie Stecco Natura, translated to something like “natural ice cream on a stick,” offers exactly this type of treat, with many different flavor combinations. 

This chain, consisting of multiple shops both outside and within Italy, is based off of the idea of using natural ingredients. They use the terms “without” and “with” to describe and create a catchphrase of their goals; the ice cream/popsicles are made without the preservatives and artificial ingredients, but are definitely still made with the all the flavors you could hope for in your dessert.

This brand also has a funny take on their desserts: they brand them as something to supplement your walk. They have three main categories of desserts: “walking fruits,” “walking creams,” and “walking capricci desserts.” This idea of walking stems off of their goal to offer a healthy take on tasty desserts; they want you to enjoy your treats while you still get a little exercise in! This is also reflected in the way their shops are designed: there is no sitting space offered, but rather a stand-like shop, just enough to house their delicious, not to mention beautiful, desserts. This way, you have no choice but to continue on walking as you enjoy your treat. This can be seen in the picture below of one of their many shops.

stecco-natura-catania storefront
A classic stand for the Gelaterie Stecco Natura shop and brand. (Disclaimer: I do not own this image)

When it comes to choices of flavor, this brand does not skimp. As I’ve mentioned, there are multiple different categories of their desserts-on-a-stick, with many flavors within. For the “walking fruit” category, there are flavors such as lemon, pineapple, peach, and multiple types of berries. For the “walking creams” category, there is both white and dark chocolate, almond, pistachio, and hazelnut, among a few others. And last, but certainly not least, there is the decadent “walking capricci desserts” category. This category takes traditional pastries and puts a portable spin on them. Just a few among the many choices includes cheese cake, banana split, and ricotta cheese with pear. It’s safe to say no matter which category you choose from, you will not be disappointed.

For more information, such as locations (they have stands in Rome and Venice as well!), their goals, and delicious pictures, visit their website.

For a more savory food recommendation within Ortigia, read our post on giant, delicious sandwiches from a small market stall.

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