The Orange Garden, Rome, Italy

The Orange Garden of Rome is located on Aventine Hill, one of Rome’s seven hills. The garden, called Giardino degli Aranci in Italian, is a beautiful way to enjoy the city from afar. While beautiful views from atop a famed monument or building can often cost money, this view is entirely free, which makes it even more appealing for budget travelers. 

This garden is filled with tall trees on either side of the long gravel path. The garden is very symmetric in this way, making the already-beautiful trees and bushes even more beautiful. As you walk down the large path, there are many benches to sit on and enjoy the peacefulness. If you continue walking to the end of the path, there is a large stone balcony-type landing that provides an amazing view of the city.

From this view, you can see many of Rome’s famed monuments and buildings. Straight ahead, on another one of Rome’s seven hills, is St. Peter’s Basilica, where the Vatican is located. In the image above this post, you can see St. Peter’s Basilica in the distance, with a full view of the garden leading to the overview at the end. You can also see the Tiber River and the Alter of the Fatherland (built to commemorate Victor Emmanuel), also known as “The Wedding Cake.”

Because of its beauty and its peacefulness, this garden offers many opportunities for activities. You can come to the garden just to relax, perhaps to sit and read or write. You could also bring lunch or a snack and have a picnic-like experience. However, whether you do all of these things or only have time for one thing, I would recommend coming to this garden right before sunset. The garden closes right after the sun sets, however, the view is perfect to watch the sun descend upon such an amazing city. As the sun gets lower and lower in the sky, the light reflects softly off of the many beautiful and old buildings populating the city, creating a truly peaceful moment to really take in the city as a whole and commit the moment to your memory.

Below are a few different pictures of the garden, taken frome different angles so that you can really see how beautiful this hilltop garden is.

orange garden at night rome pic
The Orange Garden with the entrance behind the photographer, with the view of the city in the middle, most notably St. Peter’s Basilica. (Disclaimer: I do not own this image)


orange garden pic whole garden
The Orange Garden with the view of the city behind the photographer. (Disclaimer: I do not own this picture)

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3 thoughts on “The Orange Garden, Rome, Italy

  1. Oh beeee u teeeeee ful Hannah, sounds like you are truely enjoying and absorbing all that Italy has to offer. Continue making the most of it all. You are a wonderful writer.


  2. Oh Beeee u teeee ful Hannah, sounds like you are truely enjoying and absorbing all that this wonderful journey has to offer you. Continue making the most of it all, and I look forward to reading about more travel adventures.


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