Sonoma Canopy Tours, Occidental, CA

If you’re in California and you’re amazed by the California redwood trees, then you need to know about Sonoma Canopy Tours. While hiking through the redwoods is an amazing experience, especially getting that picture that makes any human look tiny next to these gigantic trees, a less-known and more exciting way to experience the redwoods is by zip-lining. Why stay down on the ground when you can be up in these magnificent trees, enjoying the view of the entire forest?  

Sonoma Canopy Tours is located about an hour and a half North of San Francisco in the winding and small-town roads of Occidental, California. As soon as you find the entrance, located sneakily off the side of the road, you realize that you truly are inside a redwood forest. The parking lot and much of the entire camp that the tours are hosted out of are shaded by these large trees, making the entire experience much cooler (temperature-wise) than one would expect, especially if you are a Midwesterner like me who expected it to live up the the whole “sunny California” ideal. Nevertheless, you won’t be chilly for long, as the zip lines and adventure courses waiting for you get your heart rate up and warm you quickly.

Sonoma Canopy Tours offers a few different types of tours. Their most popular tour seems to be their “classic” course, which consists of basic their most basic zip-lining experiences. This option is a very good idea for anyone who is may be nervous about zip-lining and/or has never zip-lined before. This course lasts around 2.5 hours and consists of seven zip lines, a few rope bridges (which you are hooked into as well), a spiral staircase, and a rappel at the end. Every single step of the way is explained very well by any guide you get and safety is always a priority. Every tour is headed by two guides, each of whom are usually very humorous in their own way, making the whole experience even more fun.

With safety taken care of, it is impossible to not enjoy the breath-taking views of the redwoods. As you can see in this post’s featured image, these tours really get you up high! At this height, you can take in the beautifully blue skies, the wide expanse of trees, and the rolling hills. Not only is the view amazing, but there is also something incredibly peaceful about being up high in a tree, with very little  technology, noises, or distractions in general.

Sonoma Canopy Tours offers multiple other course options including their “challenger” course and a nighttime zip line course. Since each course only lasts around 2.5-3 hours, it is entirely possible (and recommended!) to do more than one course and make a whole day out of your zip-lining experience. If you would like to do this, make sure to schedule an earlier morning tour and a tour after lunch. This way, you can bring your own lunch and enjoy it in between your tours as you rest and recuperate for your next adventure!

Check out Sonoma Canopy Tours’ website here for more information and some amazing pictures videos of their tours.

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