Good Food Coffee and Bakery, Prague, Czech Republic

Traveling to Prague means a lot of hearty food: potatoes, pot pies, and meat. While all of this is delicious, you may start looking for something on the sweeter side to balance all those savory flavors. If you’re looking for a unique dessert experience I would recommend going to Good Food Coffee and Bakery and getting one of their many different types of “chimney” desserts.

The various takes on the chimney dessert start from the same basic foundation: a cake that is rolled and wrapped around a stick, grilled, and covered in sugar. While a lot of these cakes are found without things overflowing from them, Good Food and a few other bakeries in Prague are said to have started the trend of filling the cakes with various things.

Good Food, in particular, offers many different options when it comes to fillings these delicious cakes. Among the many options is one lined with chocolate and filled with nuts, one filled with strawberries and whipped cream, and even one filled with ice cream, aptly named the “Blizzard.” If you’re looking for something slightly less decadent, try Good Food’s original that is only filled with nuts. Even if you are not looking for or feeling like eating something sweet, Good Food has savory options, too. Among these are pizza-like fillings, a caprese and a caesar option, and even an option with ham and cheese. Beyond bakery items, Good Food also offers many coffee options. Whether you use the hot drink to compliment your baked good or if you stop in solely for the coffee, the little shop’s offerings will be worth your money. Needless to say, no matter what you are craving, Good Food will likely have just what you’re looking for

Good Food’s location also makes it a prime choice. Located on the edges of Old Town, just over the Charles Bridge, this shop offers an experience along with its food. Whether you decide to take your chimney to the bridge for a dessert (or snack!) with a view, or if you decide to continue into Old Town with your baked good in hand, the pair will make you feel even more connected with the city. But, if you’re looking specifically for this bakery, make sure to look it up on a map or get instructions first. While it is not far from the Old Town side of the Charles Bridge, it is also easy to miss because their sign, like their entire shop, is small, cute, and humble. You will have to be looking for it in order to make sure you do not miss it.

For more information on Good Food, such as their other locations, their full menu, and more delicious pictures, check out their website here.

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