Explore Venice’s Canals, Cheaper

Most people who have been to Venice, Italy can agree the best way to see the city is by getting into the water and floating through the canals. While a lot people opt to take one of the many, many gondola rides offered to them, this option can be fairly expensive, not to mention very touristy. Instead, I want to recommend a slightly different approach: float through Venice by kayak. While this may seem nerve-racking for anyone who is not an expert kayaker, you need not worry. Venice by Water, an expert kayak tour group, gives you all the things you need to enjoy your time while staying safe.

Venice by Water, located in one of the many winding corridors of Venice’s many islands, is a small tour company that gives tours by kayak. For the frugal or budget traveller, Venice by Water’s most basic option is a bargain. While the average price for a gondola ride is 80 Euro, the most basic tour with Venice by Water costs only 35 Euro per person. This tour, called “Just a Glance,” lasts around half an hour and takes you throughout the canals near where their main office is located.

If you are a particularly adventurous person, the guide may offer to take you out onto the lagoon for a bit of the tour. Though I was hesitant myself to take this option, I am so glad I did because the lagoon is the wide open waters of Venice, similar to what a highway would be for a city with cars. Paddling on the lagoon and watching the big boats go by fairly fast and not far from my own boat was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the waves bounce your kayak up and down and your tour guide points out the many beautiful and interesting sights of Venice, it is impossible not to enjoy it. The only thing to be warned about: you might get splashed! But that would just make for an even better memory and story to tell your loved ones when you return home.

If you’re a traveller who has more money in your budget, I would definitely check out some of the other tour options Venice by Water offers. They have many that include both food and drink, which usually means wine and finger food–another great way to see Venice from the point of view of a local.

Check out Venice by Water’s website here and their TripAdvisor listing here (they are rated the #2 thing to do in the “Fun and Games” category in Venice!).

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